The roof of the new market serves as a continuation of the already existing park and is set to become a urban junction, open to different possibilities. Within this space we have taken into account the surrounding sports program and homes. The irregular shape of the market’s covering permits light to fill the space while creating views
Oddly enough, the lot is a no-man’s land. Despite its centralized location, that meets three of Madrid’s most dynamic neighborhoods, this area remains isolated and disconnected. We propose to use the surrounding schools as connecting public spaces, instead of having them be the oddly autistic infrastructure they usually become
The multipurpose sports track is an open space located within the same plaza, which can be closed off when necessary. The topography of the adjacent ground can be used as bleachers, connecting through the newly designed school area with Tribunal square…
…All of this space can become alternatively a recreational area, a marketplace, a concert hall, a park, etc.
The connection through the other school, background to the right on the image, facilitates the merging of the new plaza with the Chueca neighborhood. The redesign of the schools provides them with entrances that become proper civic meeting places
The structure of the roof establishes viewpoints both from and of the market, which helps it to create a direct bond with the neighborhood and its inhabitants
We proposed a new housing type, positioned back-to-back with the big sports volume. They are high-rise single family homes, built at a height, to provide views and the ability to create their own