Using the Battle of Princeton as a point of departure, we proposed to design a museum for the purchase and enjoyment of justifiable violence. This battle marked a turning point, where the American ‘Revolutionaries’ first gained on the British troops, which concedes it a halo of ‘just’ aggression
The museum visit simultaneously extends in ‘actual, physical’ space, that of the city and its surroundings, and another, superimposed, ‘virtual, digital’ volume. In order to visit the latter, it is necessary to use the Augmented Perception System (APS) provided. Each visitor’s precise location is known with utmost precision by means of an ad-hoc Local Positioning System (LPS)
The ticket purchase gains you access to both physical and a virtual space that is marginally different for each tourist. The APS gear gives information about their location and the surrounding area. If the tourist leaves the individual space he/she has bought, which roughly correlates with the area of the Battle of Princeton, the system shuts off