The clients wanted a sustainable, eco-friendly house, that had to maintain the traditional ‘flavor’ of the village, Chinchón. It was thus total protection required by program
The modest space available and the emphasis on flavor conservation lead us to use one of the few metaphors we actually love for architecture: that of tight, vacuum packing
A new glass skin covers, very tightly, the only new addition to the house: a staircase
The support structure for this new skin does not have a single vertical line, just as the original walls do not keep a true vertical
The glass and the structure are always nearly touching the bodies of the inhabitants moving up and down the stairs…
…providing an almost physical relationship with the newly available landscape of the surrounding tile roofs. The stair is a kind of porthole in which half one’s body seems to be outside the house…
…in contact with the roofs and the sky
The vacuum packing metaphor, applied to the people, was a correct one: it is the inhabitants who generate and keep the ‘flavor’ in their houses