This project was realized, as a commission for Abalos & Herreros, architects for the the urban waste treatment plant in Barcelona, which was the main facade for the Barcelona 2004 Forum of Cultures
We thought it would be interesting to take advantage of the solid waste treatment plant to produce a prototype of a new urban façade, one that would establish a dialogue with the public
The visitors of the Culture Forum would be able to write messages, using their mobiles phones, that would appear on a 55X16 m. Screen, large and simple enough to serve as a mode of public communication
Another moving-light panel would be located facing a radical urban landscape, the main freeway ring of Barcelona. This screen would provide a fleeting spectacle for thousands of drivers
440 blue LED lightbulbs would serve to monitor the treatment plant’s own levels, graphically exhibiting environmental data corresponding to Barcelona’s citizens own waste…
…or any other type of information, displayed graphically, quick and easy to understand…
…or perhaps broadcasting a live video image of the ocean, which lies directly behind the treatment plant, thus becoming sort of a huge X-ray screen