The rules of the competition called for the construction in two stages of a music school and an auditorium. We believed that we could get two buildings for the price of one: the void beneath the belly of the music school, which is elevated over a public park, becomes the auditorium
The building would be a contemporary and intensified version of the bandstand. Not only will it house musical performances, but it will produce music from its interior, from its own classrooms, which are designed to this effect
We believe that it was a strategic mistake by the city planners to place such facility on the outskirts of town, surrounded by uniform single-family housing
Right in the town center, surrounded by schools and a cultural center, there is a poorly maintained and organized urban park. The original lot could be sold to private investors and the money used for the rehabilitation of the park and help in the construction of the new building
A field study conducted by us in the town indicated that most of the travel to the competition area would be made by car, which would entail a significant expenditure in extra parking spaces and energy
Quite the opposite of what would happen on a location that is already placed in the town’s activity and leisure center
The spaces between the classrooms are left free for programming and for spontaneous music rehearsal. A second skin covers the entire building, adapting to the climatic and acoustic requirements both inside and outside