Three different and atmospheres and urban scales coexist within a reduced space: the port, the railroad, and the antique center of the city. This juxtaposition is what makes Varberg a unique urban experience
We think any successful project should just strive to maintain these three atmospheres, helping the city, in the process, to become more intense
The three atmospheres/scales: Atmosphere/Scale 1: The Port. Facing the sea. Atmosphere/Scale 2: The Green Connection.It should grow… Atmosphere/Scale 3: City Center. Sustained charm
Part of “The Green Connection” will be occupied by towers of homes. These will intensify the park’s atmosphere and emphasize the scale of the large trees. The towers also secure a continuous use of the park
We propose to enhance the traditional city block by leaving a large patio inside it. While the floor plan is very rigid, the section adopts a free form, only trying to maximize the amount of sunlight that enters the street and offering pedestrians greater views of the sky. The roof gives back to the vegetation all the building occupation