The idea for this project came up during a trip to Vitoria to prepare an architecture course. The meeting whit organizers and collaborators moved from an office to a restaurant. The walk was guided by a participant’s escort. This subjective perception is the most important thing in P.O.M. 1 y P.O.M. 2
The principal as well as the secondary installations are simultaneous and synchronized videos. The parallel running of both in a realistic position and with a normal point of view establishes a temporal trap which simulates its live retransmission
This real time simulation, as well as the design of the spectator position in relation with the installation, locate him/her as the watched person. Or as someone who watches the situation from outside.
The installation is the picture of a situation from a subjective perspective, in which the spectator is located into an apparent position of perception of danger, in a dangerous situation. The point of view, literally, is that of the people in danger.
Both screens located face to face, in a real size, the fixed point of view, the lineal narrative; make the installation a “realistic picture”, in the context of the history of art. It is the portrait of a situation, of an urban space.