To design an exhibition, or a museum, of contemporary art is equivalent to asking for trouble. Isn’t any design an added distance between the work and the public? Isn’t any added intention a distraction? Can we provide context that is not an imposition?
A tentative solution was provided by our contempt for the black room in new media exhibitions, shared with the curators Steve Dietz and Christiane Paul. We built on their exhibition concept, FeedForward, which favored the notion of transition and piling of works before the spectators’ eyes as they move
Light fabric walls let the works coexist in a single landscape, allowing for visual, and perhaps conceptual, connections among them, which helps the spectator navigate the large exhibition easily
Crossing the strictly parallel floating walls and images produces a sense of direction, of passing time while consuming the perceptible space of the show
Dozens of fabrics were tested for light transmission, workability, cost and fire resistance, finally choosing ‘crystal’ gray scaffolding protection