The arrangement of he Campus of Justice in cylindrical volumes surely represents the balance of the scales of justice. However, the Prosecution is just one of the scales. It needs not be balanced in itself, not completely continuous, not soft, not curved
Our building appears as an imperfect cylinder, angular, built out of a low-res pixelation. So to say, a prosecution has to be done with a reduced image of reality and it is crucial to reach a sufficient level of resolution. Our proposal speaks of this limit and this need
The endless repetition of ever equal prosecutor offices, which constituted most of the program, allowed us to approximate the cylindrical shape with ‘3D pixels’. We believed seeing this building appear among the softer shapes of the others would help visitors understand the general structure of the Campus
The appearance was that of volumes without much further detail, with a pearly texture from which the practicable windows are barely distinguishable behind sun screens
Perhaps contrary to expectations, the access floor of the building is detailed to allow for a fluid transition to the general geometry of the Campus