When Jesús del Pozo asked us to study a design for a traveling show of his fashion work we thought it to be a fascinating prospect that surely included the possibility to experiment with body movements in space through fashion. But we soon realized that the traditional way to exhibit fashion is static, ‘deadly boring’…
…in stark contrast to the way it appears at shows or catwalks, in movement. These exhibitions also lack the flexibility and feeling of process that fashion-making is all about: changing patterns on mannequins, raw textile materials, cultural and physical references, etc.
We imagined two exhibitions in one: The first one featured big video projections on theater transparent plastic that seem to float on the limitless black space
The second one, inside a brightly lit white space, reproduces the work environment, process and references through sculptures made up from mannequins and patterns and all sorts of objects interpreting the different dresses and collections
The first exhibition can be programmed to show relevant themes and collections in coordination. In this case, a simulation of a moment showing Jesus del Pozo’s brides dresses