The USS (Urban Space Station) is a collaborative project between Ángel Borrego Cubero and Natalie Jeremijenko (X-Clinic, New York University) which serves as a prototype for the general invasion of rooftops and other residual spaces with high-biodiversity, redemptive ecosystems. In 2008, in Madrid, we built a 40% scale prototype of the USS for the exhibition "Souls & Machines. Digital Art and New Media" at the National Art Museum Reina Sofia. In 2016, a new version of the USS was launched at the Triennial Emscherkunst, in Germany.
These structures are very lightweight, and can be easily installed in almost any location. They serve as seeds, catalyzing a natural recuperation of the city’s surfaces. Its uses range from scientific and educative to recreational, while it captures carbon emissions and generates oxygen where it is most needed
The prototypes aim to become research and activities partners with neighboring schools
ETFE’s double skin allows for the structure to be lightweight and creates a heat exchange. Rain water is accumulated in underbelly bags, while the texture design of the structure itself helps channel the airflow to generate electricity