- Site specific installation
- Year 2005
- El Matadero, Madrid, Spain
TestMadrid was the first artistic experiment at the old Slaughter House in Legazpi… How art can be placed and most even public art, into the animals’ place?
An usual theme in sci-fi movies is that the humans serve as food to the aliens. We are who go through the slaughter house.
There are few nightmares where this collective fear is developed in a more complete way than in science fiction.
In these movies, UFO’s are constantly shown as objects full of light. Theit lighting is extraordinary and humans always feel an irresistible atraction to it.
We are used to artificial lighting, but this is something to which we usually give a function: to see, to make a message more visible, to show something, etc.
What does it mean an excessive lighting, which on the other hand hasn’t got any function at all? Isn’t that art? And isn’t art precisely an excess?