Lay out for exhibition at the MUSAC


On June 21st 2014, it in León at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Castille and Leon (MUSAC) will open the exhibition “Apocryphal Colony. Images of Coloniality in Spain”. The exhibition is curated by Juan Guardiola and designed by Angel Borrego Cubero (Office for Strategic Spaces). In 2006, Guardiola as a curator and Borrego Cubero as a designer, already collaborated for the ground breaking exhibition “Filipiniana” held at the Center Conde Duque in Madrid.

“Apocryphal Colony. Images of Coloniality in Spain” is a group exhibition inviting us to examine, analyse and rethink the different images that Hispanic (post)colonialism has generated from the 15th century to the present, featuring over 350 works by 120 Spanish and international artists, both contemporary and historical. The exhibition questions the visual meaning of images, and reflects, specifically, on how colonial images are constructed, disseminated and interpreted. Colonialism, in simple terms, is a political, economic and cultural system designed to enable one territory to profit from another. Even if the occupation is purely military at first, the exploitation extends to many other spheres as time goes by. In other words, colonialism uses social sciences such as history, scientific disciplines such as anthropology, religious dogmas such as the gospel, or even artistic styles such as orientalism, to legitimise its discourse of domination. Starting from these concepts, “Apocryphal Colony” is presented as a space for rethinking the processes and cultural practices of the Hispanic colonial imaginary in the symbolic space of territory” (

Curatorship: Juan Guardiola; Coordination: Koré Escobar, Carlos Ordás; Documentation: Araceli Corbo, Ana Madrid; Design: Ángel Borrego Cubero