Guest speaker at Conference on the Competition Culture in Europe

Amsterdam, September 28 – 29: Angel Borrego Cubero is one of the researchers to contribute at the International Conference on the Competition Culture in Europe, organized by Architectuur Lokaal: How can architects, especially the new generation, find out what competitions are being organized in Europe? What considerations should they make to participate in an architectural selection in another country? And how big is that chance of submitting a winning entry? Architectural selections for contracts under European thresholds are not announced on the official website TED. These smaller assignments often stay under the radar and in addition, not all European countries are EU members. A two-day International Conference on the Competition Culture in Europe at the start of a four-year program.

In show at the exhibition Premios COAM 2005 / 2016

In 2014 we won the 1st COAM Prize for The Competition and in 2015 we won the COAM Prize with Special Mention by Factoría Cultural  Madrid. The COAM Awards are given annually by the Architects Association from Madrid and are among the most important architecture awards in Spain. Thanks to these two awards, we now participate in the exhibition and catalog “COAM Award for Contemporary Architecture of Madrid 2005 – 2016”. It opens tomorrow, September 29, 13: 30h, at the COAM in Madrid with the presence of Yves Saint-Geours, Ambassador of France in Spain, Manuela Carmena, Mayor of Madrid, Jose Maria Ezquiaga, Dean of the COAM, Edgar Gonzalez, Curator of the exhibition.