News: Director of workshop at TEC Monterrey

Next week (September 22nd – 26th 2014) we are going to take part at the Innovative Week of the TEC Monterrey – Campus Guadalajara, in Mexico. Angel Borrego Cubero will lead the Taller Vertical “@Campus2030” organized by the School of Architecture. On this occasion there will be a private screening of “The Competition” addressed to the TEC’s students.

News: First Prize at Madrid Architects’ Association Awards

Angel Borrego Cubero was awarded the 1st Prize COAM’14 (Madrid Architects Association)  for the documentary “The Competition”: “(..) The great interest of this documentary work lies not only in the fact it gives information about the procedures and tools of architecture competitions, but it also builds a complex, and uncomfortable, cinematic story that encourages reflection and discussion, on the real interest of the architecture “star-system”, as well as the suitability of this type of competition to satisfy the real needs of society (Emilio Tuñón, Jury report of the COAM’14 Awards)