News: Workshop “Subversive Strategies for Architects”

From January 25 to 27, 2017, Barcelona, in the ETSAB, Angel Borrego Cubero will share experience (s) with Juan Herreros, Daria Pahhota, Jacobo García-Germán, Ethel Baraona Pohl and Pati Nuñez (director) in the workshop ” Subversive strategies for architects “.

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Registration: from January 2 to 18, 2017->

News: Best Rehabilitation Project at NAN Awards 2016

At the 10th edition of the NAN Architecture and Construction Awards, our Factoría Cultural in Matadero Madrid won the Award for Best Rehabilitation Project. The other winners for Projects are: RCR Arquitectes – Award for Best project of a Spanish office abroad; Guillermo Vazquez Consuegra – Award for Best non residential project; Ohlab – Award for Best energy efficiency project; Vallribera Architects – Award for Best residential project. Cruz and Ortiz have received the Honorary Award NAN.

News: Guest speaker at seminar “Economia e Cidade: Habitaçao e Desenvolvimento Urbano”

On 21.11, at University of Sao Paulo, Angel Borrego Cubero will take part at the seminar “Economia e Cidade: Habitação e Desenvolvimento Urbano” organized by Arq.Futuro in collaboration with Secretaria Municipal de Desenvolvimento Urbano de São Paulo (SMDU) and ONU Habitat.

17:30 – Keynote Speaker: Rogier van den Berg (ONU Habitat)
Mesa 3: Modelos Inovadores // Questões-chaves: Como transformar as condições precárias de moradia nos centros urbanos? Além de reformas habitacionais, como garantir acesso a melhores condições de moradia para as pessoas? Que modelos inovadores estão sendo desenvolvidos neste sentido?

Ángel Borrego Cubero (OSS – España)
Fernando Assad (Programa Vivenda)
Héctor Vigliecca (Vigliecca & Associados)
Mario Vieira (Habitat para a Humanidade Brasil)
Thiago de Andrade (CODHAB-DF)
Moderator: Washington Fajardo (IRPH)


News: We are part of the exhibition`Letters to the Mayor´

Ángel Borrego Cubero is one of the 70 experts invited by the curators of the exhibition “Letters to the Mayor” to raise issues for the improvement of Madrid. This project began in New York in 2014 with a series of letters written by a wide selection of international architects who were addressing them to their respective mayors. Later editions, organized in collaboration with local institutions and groups have incorporated relevant voices at local and international level to the offices of elected mayors and public awareness, focusing on specific cities as a way to explore specific areas: Panama, Bogota, Taipei , Athens, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and São Paulo.

On the occasion of the XIII Architecture Week, the city of Madrid joined the initiative of  Storefront for Art and Architecture. The exhibition has been curated by Enorme Estudio and Moneo – Brock.

News: Exhibiting at the 13th Spanish Biennial of Architecture

At the 13 Spanish Biennial of Architecture we participate at 3 levels since we got awards both at “Research” (with Historia de la Escuela) and “Dissemination” (with The Competition) sections and we were finalists at “Built works” (with Factoría Cultural). If you happen to visit Granada, before October 12, you can visit the exhibition of the 13th Spanish Biennial of Architecture. Free entrance, 10-18h, Palacio Carlos V – Alhambra