News: Angel Borrego Cubero leads workshop at Space10, in CPH

May 6, 2017, 12h – 16h, at Space10, within the Copenhagen Architecture Festival, DK, Ángel Borrego Cubero will lead the `Adaptive Architecture and City Systems´workshop: Spend the day exploring and discovering the opportunities and potentials that Copenhagen’s architecture, city systems and urban areas has to offer. SPACE10 and CAFx  present an explorative workshop for architects and students who wish to discover the unused potentials that Copenhagen and its urban fabric have to offer. Director Angel Borrego Cubero of Office for Strategic Spaces will give a talk and run an explorative workshop revolving around the offices ethos of architecture being sustainable, affordable and reversible. OSS will challenge participants to look for spaces, buildings, urban areas or city systems that they see require re-use, re-adaptation or re-programming. As a whole, the workshop asks architects and students to detect opportunities within the city that can be explored.