In the same neighborhoods where the sport facilities weren’t enough, in the 90’s, roundabouts became excessive. The civic void created by these was filled with kitsch sculptures. Our purpose revives dead space and turns the citizens’ sport into a show. The metallic fence’s texture turns the sport spaces into a screen and the players into silhouettes.


The new promotion law gives 1% from the budget to public art works. A competition is organized to make a sculpture to be placed in the  neighborhood  Lakua-2 in Vitoria, to be produced with the total sum …whit the surprise that this piece would be located in front of the siege of the  Basque Government. The brief calls for a “representative” piece that must cost maximum 80 millions of pesetas (500.000 €). Our answer to this call is actually a question. How high can you get with 80 millions? Height gives representativeness, so the higher the better, isn’t it? Our proposal consists of a carbon fiber tube, painted in nonstick golden color provided of little holes containing fiberglass light transmitters. Having organized the material in order to get as high as possible, gives to the piece an extreme thinness and, of course, flexibility. With just a little burst the tube starts to move, with a characteristic wave. A flexibility metaphor is produced, recalling at the same time something desirable but also the whip that punishes. The great  height and the object’s movements establish amazing relationships with the public at  different distances.

Youth Fair Juvenalia

The spatial organization of a fair is a monotone, dreary affair; for a celebration like Juvenalia (a youth fair in Madrid), then, it can be a problem. We tried to intensify its basic features: displays and attractions are concentrated as much as possible, while at the access we leave a large eventless space. To the mandatory streets, a diagonal is added. Contrast between crammed and labyrinthine space and another one that is free and open. Spatial organization as entertainment: combined with a location system, the entire fair becomes the site of a game of hide and seek. The façade of the exhibitors and attractions overlooking the open space is full of projections, the biggest one being the location panel of the hide and seek game.

Z1. We are here

Installation at the deserted concrete factory Z1 in Berlin’ s suburb. The building’s volume stands out above the surrounding area. Four airport lights were placed at the top corners, these flicked gradually, subverting the common language of the luminous signals.